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General Information


Problem with online continuity submittal process

Dear NITC valued Partners and Customers, We sincerely apologize for the prolonged problems associated with the online payment processes involving online renewal of qualification for brazing operators.  We realize that these processing delays have caused real problems for NITC’s customers.  Please know that both our staff and our IT programming provider are working very hard [...]

NITC Certification Look Up

National Inspection Testing & Certification (NITC) is pleased to announce the release of a revised online certification look up tool. The lookup tool is now available. Click on  Certification Look Up. For further information or questions please contact our office via phone (877) 457-6482 or send an email to We look forward to continuing to [...]

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National ITC Compliments The United Association

With well over 125 years of service to the communities that comprise two great nations, the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA) represents over 300,000 plumbers, pipefitters, sprinkler-fitters, service technicians, and welders in local unions across North America. They provide a plethora [...]

No Show/Cancellation and Refund Policy

CREDITS: NITC will issue a credit to no shows, cancellations, etc. The credit, redeemable for six months, will be issued to the group or individual for the next available examination and may only be used one time. It is the responsibility of the group or individual to keep track of their credit and its expiration [...]

NITC Customer Service Feedback

NITC is committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provice as part of our improvement processes. We appreciate your feedback on our performance. Click on the link to leave your comments, compliments or other feedback: NITC Processor Customer Service Feedback

Certification Application and Examination Process Feedback

NITC’s commitment to a pro-active surveillance process is monitored through the following survey. These measurements are used as part of our continual improvement requirements. NITC appreciates your feedback. Thank you Click on the link to leave feedback: Certification Application and Examination Process Feedback

If You Have Questions Regarding Certifications

If you have questions regarding certifications please contact our office via e-mail at Please provide contact information in your e-mail and one of our certification processors will contact you as soon as possible.  

NITC Certifies to the ASSE 6000

NITC Certifies to the ASSE 6000 Series Professional Qualifications Standard for the Medical Gas Systems Installers, Inspectors, Verifiers, Maintainance Personnel and Instructors and the NFPA 2002 99 Standard. Please Contact ASSE at the following to obtain the full American Society of Sanitary Engineers Series 6000 Standard: Clemins Road, Suite 100, Westlake, Ohio 44145 To obtain [...]