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6010 Medical Gas Installer / Brazer Examination Request Form

*The Medical Gas Installer Course must be taught by a certified 6050 Medical Gas Instructor

*The fee per examination is $116.00. This must be prepaid. Contact NITC to provide credit card payment information by
phone at (877) 457-6482. For NITC No_show, Cancellation and Refund Policy refer to the Candidate Bulletin

*This request form must be submitted no later than (3) weeks prior to
examination date.

*All exams will be administered via computer.

*A minimum of 10 examinees is required for an examination. If there are less than 10 examinees,
a processing fee of $150.00 will be applied.

*It is the requesting entity’s resposiblity to notify each application

Please complete all information below: (** Required Fields**)

You can upload pdf application files along with this request by choosing to upload a file below.  Examination Request will be denied if completed application are not submitted.