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AC Repair Platte City

Article provided by: Pence Heating and Cooling LLC

AC Repair Platte City

Choose Pence Heating & Cooling for affordable AC repair in Platte City. We offer a wide range of services to keep your cooling and your system operating smoothly and efficiently, including cost-effective repairs when things aren't running right. Consider our annual maintenance plan that prevents breakdowns during the summer and extends the life of equipment while reducing your energy bills. We're here for you when you need a reliable AC technician to come to your home or business.

How Do I Know if I Need an AC Repair?

You'll notice several tell-tale signs that it's time to call a repair tech:

  • AC system making unusual noises
  • Air coming out of your AC system at room temperature
  • Inefficient cooling
  • Rising electric bills

Make sure to call one of our AC specialists from Pence Heating & Cooling at the first sign that your system is having problems. Timely diagnostics and repairs can often reduce your repair bill and eliminate the need to replace your entire system. We'll make a repair if possible, instead of recommending a replacement. However, no cooling system lasts forever. Eventually, the time will arrive when you will have to consider a new, efficient model to replace the old one.

Can I Repair My Own AC System?

It's not recommended that homeowners go beyond basic troubleshooting. If you suspect you need an AC repair in Platte City, our techs from Pence Heating & Cooling can come out and assess the situation correctly and safely. There are a few things you can do before calling our office:

  1. Check to make sure your system is turned on, and the thermostat is set to a cooler temperature than the outdoor temperature.
  2. Check to see if the breaker switch has been tripped.
  3. For central systems, inspect air ducts to look for blockages or closed vents.
  4. Clean or replace your system's air filter.

Reach out to our team for issues that cannot be resolved with self-diagnosis methods. Whether you choose a cost-effective repair, a system upgrade, or an AC unit replacement, we'll provide professional advice and recommendations on how to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your building or home.

Heating & Cooling Specialists

At Pence Heating & Cooling, we take a great deal of pride in providing superior customer service to the Platte City community. As such, we offer free in-home consultations with an HVAC specialist to answer your questions and help you understand all of your options for efficient heating and cooling. We'll also recommend signing up for our maintenance plan that will ensure seamless operation of your AC between visits.

Affordable AC Repair in Platte City

We keep the costs of AC service low with a number of special discounts offers you'll find on our website. Clip one of our digital coupons to save on your next AC repair, service call, or new installation. You'll also find financing options available to help pay for the cost of unexpected repairs and product replacements. You could receive a $1,000 instant rebate on qualifying equipment when you select us for your AC service.

AC Repair Platte City

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