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Release of 2018 Medical Gas Recertification Examinations

medical gas systems installers certification

National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC) is officially announcing that the Medical Gas recertification exams based on the 2018 NFPA 99 are now complete. Recertification will be to the 2018 NFPA 99 beginning September 1, 2018.

Each of NITC’s Medical Gas Personnel certifications include a proctored multiple-choice exam which is available in both pencil/paper and computer-based formats.  ASSE 6010 Installers and ASSE 6050 Instructors are also required to maintain a current brazing certificate or complete the proctored practical exam.

For individual requirements and prerequisites please visit our web site at

If you have any questions feel free to contact the NITC Certification Department in our Los Angeles office at (877) 457-6482.  We look forward to working with you.




David Otterstein

Executive Director/Quality Manager

Reminder: To remain compliant to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 99 2018 Healthcare Facilities Code changes.  National ITC Corporation (NITC) is requiring that all recertification candidates provide “proof of completion” of “a minimum 4-hour training course to subsequent editions of the NFPA 99”. The American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Series 6000 2015 Edition, Professional Qualifications Standard for Medical Gas Systems Personnel mandates this training.

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