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Career Choice in a Time of Coronavirus

The interesting thing about how society reacts to the coronavirus pandemic is that it shuts down activity in priority order of essentials of living. First, the sports events were canceled. Then, the big festivals and concerts. The malls for shopping and retail shops. Restaurants and bars followed. Next were schools and colleges. Churches shut down worship services. At the end of it all are the parts of society that we all recognize are the basic functions of living: homes, pharmacies, food stores and hospitals.

While there is no way to know for sure what our future holds, there are warning signs of climate change, and it is likely to require changes in the way we live. Changes in technology are rendering entire industries obsolete. Automation is taking jobs from humans and giving them to robots. Corporations and ways of conducting business are changing and will continue to reform in dramatic ways.

If you are looking ahead to setting a career in motion, there is a lesson to be learned from what is happening. The more essential to a functioning society your career – the more secure your job will be over the span of your working years.

Construction tasks, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and other trades may change HOW they work, and there may be new tools and techniques, but the need for their services will remain. Preparing for a career in one of these fields is your best hedge against an uncertain future

As we emerge at some point from the ravages of this pandemic, entire career areas will have shifted. Choose your path forward wisely to learn from this time and take control of your future! Visit NITC for more information..