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Apprenticeships for a Secure Future in a Time of Pandemic

The perception that a four year degree is the essential requirement for a good job and a fulfilling life is less true than it may seem. That path starts with four years of little income and an expenditure of over $120,000 most often in the form of a debt that may linger for decades. That [...]

Prepare for Tomorrow – COVID-19 and the Construction Job Outlook

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the novel coronavirus virus (COVID-19) has been detected in more than 160 locations internationally, including in the United States. As anyone with a computer or television knows, the number of cases involving person-to-person transmission outside of China has been increasing at such a steady rate that the [...]

Title 24 Compliance

Covid-19 and The Future of Careers in Construction

For young people facing career choices over the next several years, the paths forward are at best murky. The screeching halt of the United States economy moving from the highest employment rate of recent history to depression levels leaves the career options for young people all but impossible to assess. At the same time, it [...]

Career Choice in a Time of Coronavirus

The interesting thing about how society reacts to the coronavirus pandemic is that it shuts down activity in priority order of essentials of living. First, the sports events were canceled. Then, the big festivals and concerts. The malls for shopping and retail shops. Restaurants and bars followed. Next were schools and colleges. Churches shut down [...]