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Find Job Security in Welding

The job market of the 21st Century looks very little like that of the past. Gone are the labor intensive factory jobs that provided a middle class living for vast portions of the workforce. Long gone are the agricultural jobs of an even earlier age. Fading fast are the retail jobs as brick and mortar [...]

How to Advance Your Career in Steam/Pipe Fitting

If you already work in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, or fire sprinkler installation, you may be wondering how to advance your career. Getting a certification could expand your opportunities for employment, and lead to higher rates of pay. The STAR steam/pipe fitting mastery certification is an ideal way to advance your career, grow your [...]

FAQs for Fire Sprinkler Installations

When it comes to fires, firefighters aren’t necessarily the first responders on the scene: your fire sprinklers are. That is, if you have them installed in the first place! In fact, only 5% of residences have fire sprinklers installed, which is surprising considering they can decrease the risk of dying in a house fire by [...]

New NITC QR cards

As of August 1, 2018, NITC will no longer issue UA, STAR or NITC cards. All certified individuals will receive NITC QR cards. To view full letter Click Here.

Medical Gas – a Short Primer

Medical gas is a critical component of the everyday operation of hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Understanding the most common types of gases, their uses, and how to maintain your medical gas systems is important for any medical facility. Medical Air Medical air is the clean, dry, and compressed air used in hospitals [...]