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Go Far as a Certified Plumber

The financial advantages of a college education are diminishing as the costs continue to skyrocket and graduates find a crowded field of job seekers. Many will carry substantial amounts of student debt for large portions of their working lives. There are jobs for high school graduates who enter the job market immediately after high school, [...]

Get Your Resolution Ready for the New Year

Unemployment in the United States is at an all-time low say all the news stories, but the reality is that things are good for some people, but for many Americans the New Year is not so rosy; in fact it is downright grim A few statistics reported from a Federal Reserve survey of more than [...]

Go Green with A Star

In an era of energy construction, the maintenance of new and existing buildings both should be done with energy conservation principles and practices at the fore Some 12 years ago the Mechanical Service Contractors of America founded the GreenSTAR program to foster and ensure that sound energy conservation would be practiced in all aspects of [...]

Construction Career Options Without Costly College Debt

Plan your career – We live in a world where going to college is expected of everyone, however the value of a college education after considering costs is a real concern. The cost of a year in college ranges from $25,890 at an in-state public college, to $41,950 at a public out-of-state college, to $52,500 [...]

Become a Gas Fitter and Make New Connections

As the energy systems of the country change, the need for people to build and maintain the infrastructure increases. A career as a gas fitter has a strong future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a certified gas fitter has an average hourly pay of $25.92 and a median salary of $53,000. Employment of [...]