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Designing and Building a Post-Covid-19 Workplace

Social distancing may feel surreal in the beginning—co-workers avoiding physical contact, people separated by partitions, everyone wearing masks. It might even seem a little lonely with a lot of our coworkers still forced to work at home as organizations ramp up operations, allowing people to return to work in phases. Nonetheless, over time, we’ll get [...]


If you work in a high risk environment, you’ll need footgear that meets the highest safety standards in protecting against falling or rolling objects, electrical hazards, and other common construction injuries. You’ll minimize injury risk by wearing state-of-the-art work boots that meet or exceed the Canadian Standard Association’s certification. These are tough standards that offer [...]

Apprenticeships for a Secure Future in a Time of Pandemic

The perception that a four year degree is the essential requirement for a good job and a fulfilling life is less true than it may seem. That path starts with four years of little income and an expenditure of over $120,000 most often in the form of a debt that may linger for decades. That [...]

Prepare for Tomorrow – COVID-19 and the Construction Job Outlook

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the novel coronavirus virus (COVID-19) has been detected in more than 160 locations internationally, including in the United States. As anyone with a computer or television knows, the number of cases involving person-to-person transmission outside of China has been increasing at such a steady rate that the [...]

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