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Don’t Flush Away Your Future… Get Certified with NITC’s STAR Plumbing Mastery Certification

Many apprenticeship programs subject their apprentices to a demanding five-year course of study designed to expose them to a great deal of both the theory and the practical application of their trade. The intent is to ensure that the apprentice is knowledgeable, well-trained, and capable of working independently before graduating from their program and being called a master.  Most apprentices are already working in their field, so the immersion into the subject matter is truly all-encompassing. But graduation doesn’t mean “arrival” for these individuals.  Rather, many of them must take, and pass, certification exams that will enable them to secure work in their chosen field.


STAR Plumbing Mastery certification candidates are no exception. These highly qualified individuals must prove mastery of their trade through the demonstration of various skills. They must also be experienced with the design, installation, servicing, maintenance, and repair of the following:

  • Water systems
  • Drainage, waste & vent systems
  • Storm water systems
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Water heating systems
  • Various specialty systems


Candidates must also possess knowledge of national, state, and local plumbing codes which are designed to protect the health & welfare of the public. STAR Plumbing Mastery examination candidates are expected to be currently-employed plumbers who have completed a United Association (UA) training program or its equivalent, and/or who have at least five (5) years of experience in the industry.


Why You Should Trust National ITC for Your Certification Needs

Candidates seeking to earn their STAR Plumbing Mastery Certification will want to ally themselves with an organization that has the knowledge and the reputation to properly administer and certify personnel. National ITC is that organization.

Whether you’re a training director, association representative, employer representative, or an individual applicant, NITC is here to help you understand how current master plumber requirements will guide your training along the way.

NITC products include a wide range of industry certifications to (1) provide you with assurance that you are hiring the best, most reliable, and safest trade professionals possible, and (2) help you exceed customer expectations in the process. Contact NITC to have your personnel certified with the certification company, National ITC, today!