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Fire Sprinkler Inspector Training

Fire Sprinkler Inspector Training

2 Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems: Fire Sprinkler Inspector Training

It is very important to have a fire sprinkler system properly installed and maintained in your home or business as a smart proactive measure for loss of lives and properties should the need arises. Also, fire spread fast as the whole rooms would be engulfed in fumes which will complicate things for victims of such incidents. Everyone has heard of horrific stories of death and loss of valuable properties caused by fire outbreak. That is why the importance of fire sprinkler systems could not be overemphasized.

That being said, there are some myths about these systems that need to be debunked as a proactive measure for loss of lives and properties because it could cause an installed fire sprinkler system to malfunction which could have disastrous consequences for those who are living in these homes or working in those offices.

So it is time to discuss some of these myths and misconceptions about fire sprinkler systems that will help you to comprehend why inspectors need proper fire sprinkler inspector training. So, let’s delve into it, shall we?

1) Anybody can offer these systems maintenance! Human lives are priceless and, unfortunately, so are some properties that may be in your homes or offices, mostly because of sentimental values and the stories behind such properties. Trying to save a few bucks by doing the maintenance work yourself is dangerous and could cause severe damages to priceless properties if there is a fire outbreak. This does not include lives that could be lost before emergency firefighters can get a handle of things.

If you think about it constructively, you could see that it is a ludicrous idea to do maintenance work yourself when you have no fire sprinkler inspector training. However, it may not sound like an epic bad idea at the time when you put only money into consideration.

The truth? Do not attempt to carry out maintenance of fire sprinkler systems yourself. You could get a qualified inspector who have had a professional fire sprinkler inspector training

So, if you are tempted to fix it or do a maintenance work yourself, don’t! You should never be convinced by the few bucks you will save at the expense of everything else! Wait, remember, this includes the lives of your loved ones!

2) Smoke can activate a fire sprinkler. Many people think that all it takes is a smoke to get the whole rooms or floor flooded with water. Also, some thinks that fire sprinkler systems are not designed to be smarter and will spew water indiscriminately at the slightest chance it get which would send people in the building screaming and running for their lives when there is on treat of a fire outbreak.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is wrong of anyone to make such an assumption. It goes to show that they know very little about these systems. The presence of a smoke cannot activate a fire sprinkler head and cause it to release water.

What triggers it? Simple! It is heat. Here is what actually happens: before it gets triggered, it must first exceed the trigger point which will cause it to release water. If you had a fire sprinkler inspector training, you will definitely know all these things and way more.