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How to Identify Air Conditioner Issues

With offices in both Metairie, Louisiana, and Los Angeles, California, we know the importance of having a functioning air conditioning unit whether it’s summer or winter. When your AC unit starts to struggle, though, it can be serious cause for concern.


Here are some of the most common air conditioner issues and how to solve them:

Dirty Filters

The filters in your air conditioning unit play a key part in ensuring your home’s air quality is ideal, and that your AC is functioning at its peak. However, if you don’t replace these filters every six to twelve months, they can become clogged, restricting airflow and preventing proper functioning. If you neglect this small task frequently, you can expert higher costs of operation and later, a complete air conditioner breakdown.


This is very much a DIY task, but if you’re forgetful, a regular inspection and maintenance can ensure your filters are taken care of.

Refrigerant Leaks

Unlike the oil in your car, your air conditioner doesn’t actually use up the refrigerant liquid. This means that your AC unit should always contain the same amount of refrigerant, and if it doesn’t, you are likely experiencing a leak. You also simply can’t top up the liquid, because that doesn’t actually solve the issue, and it can be pretty dangerous for your health and for the environment. If there is no visible leak, you can also identify a refrigerant leak if you see icy buildup on your air conditioner, if your home takes a long time to cool, or if your AC unit makes hissing noises when in use.


If you suspect a refrigerant leak, we recommend that you consult a STAR HVACR Mastery certified expert instead of taking on the task yourself.

Mechanical Issues

While the other two problems may have been less obvious, mechanical issues are often very clear. If your air conditioner is making strange noises when it starts, you could be experiencing a very simple mechanical problem, like a loose screw, or a very expensive problem, like a bent fan blade or wrecked blower motor.


By getting regular maintenance with a certified professional, you can ensure an easy fix doesn’t turn into an expensive one later.
Avoiding these problems is as easy as getting regular maintenance by a certified professional. At National Inspection Testing Certification Corp, we work with HVACR professionals to ensure they are equipped for any issue you experience with your air conditioning unit. For more information on our certifications, reach out through our website or by calling (877) 457-6482.

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