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Important Notice to all Certified Persons and Certification Applicants

We are notifying you of important changes in the certification processes for the NITC Medical Gas and the STAR HVACR certification programs.

As you know, NITC is accredited by ANSI to the ISO-IEC 17024 Standard for Personnel Certification Bodies for the STAR HVACR and the NITC Medical Gas Certifications. The ISO-IEC 17024 Standard, as accredited by ANSI, is a complex and rigid standard for the operation of a personnel certification organization.

While the difficulties in conforming to ANSI’s accreditation of NITC to the ISO-IEC 17024 standard are rigorous, it is the satisfaction of these requirements that puts NITC certifications ahead of other personnel certification organizations.

As part of the continual improvement processes to ANSI 17024 requirements NITC will be implementing the following changes:

1. NITC must now verify EVERY application prior to the certification examination. We cannot allow applicants to fill out application forms at the time of the examination. All applicants for NITC certification must send their applications to us in plenty of time for us to review them, and so that NITC can schedule the examinations for you in a timely manner.

2. Applicants will not be permitted to take walk-in examinations, either at our offices or at a remote site.

3. Certified individuals renewing-recertifying the STAR HVACR or Med Gas certifications must now take a proctored examination. Unsecured or unsupervised renewals-recertifications of certifications via computer or paper renewals-recertifications sent via mail are no longer permitted. 

These new requirements will become effective September 15, 2012.

To make this transition as easy as possible, we ask that you keep in contact with our staff and be aware of your certification expiration dates. NITC is required to apply these changes to all its customers, and of course NITC will assist each applicant and/or certified persons to make proctors available and add testing locations, dates, expansion of testing availability, et cetera, so that conformity with the new requirements is reached as smoothly as possible.

There are no changes in the Med Gas Brazing continuity process required because those renewals are already verified-supervised.

Thank you for selecting NITC, and please contact us with any questions you may have at (877) 457- 6482.

Mike Massey
Executive Vice President

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