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“Leading Through Education, We Save Lives”

How NITC Helps You Get A Medical Gas Installer CertificationWhen it comes to medical gas and vacuum systems, countless people have relied on these crucial infrastructure systems at some point in their lives. However, few people put thought into how the system works.  They just care that it does.

The title above is the motto for the Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization (MGPHO). Comprised of professional technicians, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, medical professionals and others interested in maintaining the integrity of medical gas systems, its membership has dedicated themselves to advancing the safe design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and inspection/verification of medical gas and vacuum systems through education since 1998. The organization is actively involved in identifying, understanding, and maintaining state and federal standards as well as improving the techniques used in testing and verification.

National ITC (NITC), a renowned third-party testing and certification provider with 25 years of experience, works in conjunction with organizations such as the MGPHO to develop and maintain medical gas testing and certification programs. Ongoing examination within the medical gas and vacuum systems industry is crucial in preparing the next generation of service professionals. This commitment to the industry is evident in each of the products NITC offers to tradespersons seeking medical gas installer certification. As medical gas and vacuum system educational requirements change, certification examinations must change, too.  NITC takes pride in their ability to remain abreast of changes to federal, state & local regulations as well as the requirements set forth by related private industry organizations, and to adapt their certifications accordingly.

So whether you’re a training director, association representative, employer representative, or an individual applicant, NITC is there to help you along the way. Contact NITC at (877) 457-6482 to learn more about their wide range of industry certifications, products that help prepare the best, most reliable, and safest trade professionals possible.  NITC is always at work helping you exceed customer expectations.  Have your personnel certified with the certification company, National ITC, today!