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Louisiana legislators listen and respond to the outcry from professional credentialing bodies and certified persons. House Bill 748

At the beginning of April the Louisiana House of Delegates passed House Bill 748 which banned the use of the term “certification” issued from professional credentialing bodies unless the certification is used in conjunction with licensure.  Due to the advocacy efforts of various stakeholders throughout Louisiana and beyond, including NITC, Louisiana legislators came to recognize that the original version of the bill was unworkable.

The bill has now been amended to remove all references to the term “certification,” other than to say that “nothing shall be construed to restrict a licensing board from requiring, as a condition of licensure or renewal of licensure, obtaining/maintaining credentials from an organization that credentials individuals in the relevant occupation, field, or industry.”

HB 748, as amended, will now move forward to the Louisiana Senate for confirmation.

This law is slated to take effect July 1, 2018.  Here’s a link to the legislation, including amendments:

We would like to extend our thanks to NITC stakeholders and the members of other interested organizations for their quick actions in response to this legislation action.