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Medical Gas Systems Installers ASSE Series 6000 Standard #6010

10-1.3 Limitations For a Medical Gas System Installer

Compliance with this standard in itself shall not constitute compliance with the requirements for a Medical Gas Inspector per ASSE Standard 6020, a Medical Gas Verifier per ASSE Standard 6030, a Medical Gas Maintenance Person per ASSE Standard 6040, or a Medical Gas Instructor per ASSE Standard 6050.


10-3.2 Certification of Medical Gas Installers

Certification to this standard shall be through a recognized third party certification agency. Certification shall include the successful completion of a minimum 32-hour training course including a written and a practical examination covering all facets of ASSE Standard #60 10, NFPA 99, NTPA 99C and NFPA 50; and the candidate shall have a minimum of four (4) years of documented practical experience in the installation of piping systems.


LINK: Click Here to obtain the NFPA 2002 99 Standard

ASSE 6000 Series Professional Qualifications Standard