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New NITC HVACR Braze Certification

NITC announces a new braze certification for the HVACR Industry. Beginning March 1, 2019, NITC offers a new braze certification, developed for the HVACR sector. The NITC ASME IX R78 Braze Certification will qualify individuals for brazing on 1/8” through 1 1/8” ACR Tubing. 

With today’s new alternative refrigerants operating at higher pressures; it is essential to ensure a leak-free system by installing properly prepared, quality, sound joints.

This Braze was designed and intended to serve as a baseline of a Brazer’s ability to produce sound joints.  

NITC’s ASME IX R78 Braze was qualified for compliance with the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section IX and the ASME B31.5 Standard for Refrigeration Piping and Components.

As Manufactures and Contractors, are your employees currently qualified for the brazing being performed by your company?

Some of the benefits of certification are;

• Improved Leak Failure Rate
• Stronger Joint Integrity
• Improved Joint Appearance
• Code Compliance
• Decrease in Warranty Claims
• Establishes a minimum standard within the company
• Customer satisfaction knowing your employees are certified

As a Training Entity, are you providing instruction in brazing?

Some of the benefits of certification are;

• Students able to obtain an Industry recognized credential
• Improved safety through awareness
• Increased employment opportunity
• Portable certification, able to be accepted by potential employers
• May be incorporated into any existing curriculum
• Exit point for validating training

Find the forms and additional information by clicking the “HVACR Brazing Processes” link on this website

NOTICE: For a limited time, NITC will be waiving all adoption fees for the 18-R78 Qualified Braze Procedure Specification for Manufacturers, Contractors and Training Entities*, to be used in conjunction with the R78 Braze Certification. Please contact the NITC Southern Regional Office for additional information at 888-234-6834 or email to