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NITC Certification Post-Covid-19

“The Covid-19 pandemic has not only impacted the plumbing and HVACR industries, it has also expanded their roles in maintaining hospitals and industries as well as returning public buildings to safe post-Covid use. It’s clear that NITC certification is indispensable for both individual professionals and the customers they service

As the building industry begins to resume pre-pandemic growth, there will undoubtedly be a tremendous need for professionals in the HVACR, piping, and plumbing fields. However, given the current rate of unemployment in the trades, competition for new positions will be fierce. NITC certification is well recognized as requiring the highest standards in trade protocols, work guidelines, and new techniques. Professionals holding NITC credentials are widely acknowledged to be the top-tier of their trades in terms of knowledge and expertise, giving them a clear edge in re-entering the workforce post-Covid-19 in well-paying positions

Many businesses, industries, and medical facilities have suffered under the strain of Covid-19. As they assess their needs going forward in plumbing, pipefitting, HVACR, medical gas installation and maintenance, and fire protection and safety, it’s essential for workers to be highly skilled and aware of all professional protocols. NITC certification provides this assurance to employers

The needs of the medical industry have exploded during the pandemic, particularly in the area of life-saving medical gases. These expanded systems will continue to require the attention of certified professionals going forward. In addition, the construction industry is projecting a vastly increased need for medical facilities such as rehabilitation centers and imaging centers, which will provide employment for skilled workers. Once again, NITC certification will give workers the edge in gaining employment as well as giving the employer confidence in the workers’ abilities

As discussed in a previous blog, re-opening public buildings after extended closures during the Covic-19 pandemic is a lengthy and sometimes hazardous undertaking. Adhering to EPA and CDC guidelines, HVACR and plumbing professionals will need to identify and remediate health hazards resulting from standing water and idle HVAC systems. Employers are turning to NITC certified professionals to maintain the highest standards in preventing Legionnaire’s Disease and minimizing mold risk while safely re-opening their buildings and businesses

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