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NITC Journey Level HVAC STAR Commercial Refrigeration Mastery

The Benefits of NITC HVAC STAR Commercial Refrigeration Mastery Certifications

A workforce certified by the National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation means one that is current with the latest safety protocols and building codes, knowledgeable of the latest practices and technologies and conscious of the environmental impact of the work that’s being performed. A society that’s served by such a nitc-STAR-Commercial-Refrigeration-Masteryworkforce is stronger, safer, and more sustainable.

A company that employs such a workforce functions more efficiently (and, thus, more profitably) because projects are completed correctly and within protocol, which leads to a faster turnaround. A NITC certification is also evidence of dedication to one’s trade, and a dedicated employee is more likely to invest completely in the work at hand and the company’s overall mission. (Read: Less turnover.)

A NITC-certified tradesman has learned to coordinate his knowledge with his technique, which makes him more versatile and efficient. This combination serves to better position your company when competitively bidding.

Our certifications, from NITC Journey Level HVAC to STAR Commercial Refrigeration Mastery, are recognized and respected across the country because our materials and methodology are developed and deployed by industry veterans and leading domain experts. Ours is a proven, objective system through which stakeholders in the construction field can readily assess a tradesman’s knowledge and ability.

In a world where so much—too much, really—is left to question, the removal of doubt is an invaluable commodity. Whether you’re building a company or a community, you want your infrastructure to be as sound as possible. A NITC certification is one of the first steps, and perhaps the most critical, toward that end.