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NITC Medical Gas Certifications

Medical Gas Maintenance Personnel 6040. NITC Testing and Certification NITC

For many years the certification of medical gas systems personnel was voluntary except where required by an employer or by a local jurisdiction. However, new government and industry requires that medical gas systems personnel document their qualifications through written examination and/or practical testing.  NITC provides medical gas systems personnel certification which meets the needs of the industry, while holding to the highest standards of modern test practice. 

Our medical gas certification program is nationally recognized and is the result of years of effort by experts from the medical gas industry. The subject matter experts who participated in the development of our certifications have many thousands of hours of experience in the installation of medical gas systems. The goal of these experts is improving the safety of those who come into contact with medical gas and vacuum equipment as either industry workers, or consumers of medical care.


NITC Medical Gas Certifications:
Medical Gas Inspector 6020
Medical Gas Installer 6010
Medical Gas Instructor 6050
Medical Gas Maintenance Personnel 6040
Medical Gas Generalist 6005
Medical Gas Verifier 6030

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