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Obtain a Highly Specialized Career as a Medical Gas Installer

With the cost of a college degree soaring, leaving students with the burden of lifelong debt and uncertain job prospects, jobs with solid employment and faster paths to qualification become more attractive. In an increasingly technical world, jobs in these fields are expanding.

Few fields have expanded into technology as fast as medicine, and this has created entire career paths. One such field is the field of medical gas. “Medical gas piping systems” are piping systems that convey or involve oxygen, nitrous oxide, high-pressure nitrogen, medical compressed air and medical vacuum systems. With the expansion of medical facilities to serve an aging population, the demand for skilled professionals in this field will continue to grow. The average salary for the entry level position is $27.64 an hour or just over $1,100 per week.

Medical gas installers install and assemble gas pipes in medical facilities. Unlike regular pipe installations, medical gas installers work with medical gas and vacuum systems. Generally, responsibilities include ensuring that all lines meet standards and to test systems that deliver oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen during surgery. Other duties include ensuring clean air throughout the facility, providing power to surgical equipment, and managing all pipe fitting procedures.

The qualifications to become a medical gas installer are stringent. It requires a minimum of four years of experience in plumbing installation or mechanical systems. Following is a specialty training course that provides the necessary skills to install ASSE Standard 6050 equipment. This training will qualify you to take the NTIC Medical Gas Installer examination. With experience in the field, promotional opportunities are available through instructors. Medical Gas Installer, and the titles which follow it, is a highly specialized field which provides employment in an expanding field at a strong income.