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R78 Braze Performance Test

  • The initial cost for this certification is $74.00.
  • Candidates can re-take the exam if they fail for an additional $74.00 fee.
  • Six (6) months from the braze test date.
  • Braze certification will be extended six months from date of the re-qualification test for submission of one (1) Vertical Upflow joint following R78 Braze Test Sprecification.

Braze Forms

Braze Continuity

Continuity Form Instructions and Sample

Continuity Form for HVACR Brazer

Braze Procedure Specification

NOTICE: For a limited time, NITC will be waiving all adoption fees for the 18-R78 Qualified Braze Procedure Specification to Manufacturers, Contractors and Training Entities*, to be used in conjunction with the R78 Braze Certification. Please contact the NITC Southern Regional Office for additional information at 888-234-6834 or email to

* Training Entity will need the cooperation of a Manufacturer or Contractor to supervise each test session.