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STAR Examinations Create Opportunity

In the construction trades, salary is generally tied to ability – and ability can be hard to measure objectively. The more confidence an employer has in the skills and abilities for specific tasks, the more likely they are to hire and pay at a higher rate. This factor created the need for standardized testing for workers in trades. Over time, employers have come to rely on the results of these examinations for job hiring, and workers appreciate the value of completing these tests to obtain and be successful in jobs.

The National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation has long been a leader in this field with specific focus on the pipefitting industries. It provides rigorous testing in the following industry sectors:

  • HVACR Service Technicians
  • Fire Sprinkler Fitters
  • Plumbers
  • Pipefitters
  • Welders

In addition to entrance and specific skill tests, NTIC offers STAR examinations. These tests are available only to people with at least five years documented experience in their trade and require mastery of all aspects of their trade. These tests are available in the following sectors:

  • STAR HVACR Mastery
  • STAR Steamfitting-Pipefitting Mastery
  • STAR Plumbing Mastery
  • STAR Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery

For companies, hiring STAR qualified employees results in improved quality, lower turnover, and lower training costs. For employees, STAR certifications are tickets to full professional standing in their field.