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The Importance of Fire Sprinkler Fitting

Each year house fires kill more than 2500 people and create at least 7 billion dollars in property damage.

Do we have your attention?

While firefighters are essential during fire emergencies and do their best to handle home and business fires, there is precious little time between the start of a fire and when the responders arrive. That’s where fire sprinklers come in. In fact, the civilian death rate is 81 percent lower in homes with fire sprinklers than in homes without them. The quick activation of commercial and home fire sprinkler systems can prevent civilian and firefighter injury as well as property damage.
Why are Fire Sprinklers Important?
Not only do fire sprinklers reduce a blaze, they also reduce the smoke and toxic fumes that fires produce. In ideal blaze conditions, fires can spread rapidly, so the presence of fire sprinklers is an excellent fire prevention method for your home or business.

What if you have a smoke detector? Can you still benefit from installing fire sprinklers?


While smoke detectors are another essential fire prevention method, they only detect smoke (burnt bacon, anyone?). Fire sprinklers detect heat, and will only trigger if a sufficient amount of heat—the amount produced by an actual fire—is present.

And fire sprinklers are a pretty inexpensive security option when compared to the damage and risk of injury that can result from a fire. It’s worth it to consider installing them in your home and/or business.
Fire Sprinkler Fitting Certification
When it comes time to install your fire sprinkler system, you want to know it’s done right. A certified fire sprinkler fitter will ensure that the job is done correctly so and you can sleep peacefully knowing your fire sprinkler is workingr.

At National ITC, we’re proud to offer the STAR Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery Certification to individuals looking to add to their qualifications in the industry. The certification examination covers the design, installation, alteration, repair, service, and maintenance of fire sprinkler water supply systems as well as all the system components. Qualified Master Fire Sprinklerfitters are equipped with the knowledge and experience to ensure the fire sprinklers in any home or business are in prime working order.

Interested in any of our certifications? Check out our available certifications, and contact us at 877-457-6482 with any questions.

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