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The NFPA 13 Gets an Extensive Makeover

Since 1896, the standard for the installation of fire sprinkler systems has been kept in one document known as NFPA 13. Around August of 2018, a revision of this document will be published, reducing its size and making the 2019 edition a more effective tool for individuals who install sprinkler systems.

The job of reorganizing NFPA 13 required a major undertaking. To accomplish the task, a spreadsheet was used that had over 8,000 lines of text. This was done so that the group working on the task could keep track of all of the information associated with the standard.

The document was reorganized by moving individual lines out of certain areas and categorizing them by subject. During the process, redundant lines were eliminated, and the chapters were renumbered.

Early History of Fire Extinguishing Systems

One of the first water-based fire extinguishing systems to be used was installed around 1723 in England. It consisted of a container full of water, fuses and gunpowder. The theory behind the system was that when a blaze of fire touched the fuses, the chamber of gunpowder would explode and put the fire out with a blast of water.

By the late 1800s, technology for fire sprinkler systems was quickly advancing in the United States. At that time, nine separate sets of rules were used for installing sprinkler systems. In 1896, the standard had grown to a document, known as “The Red Book,” that was 25 pages long. Eventually, it grew into a larger creation and was designated as NFPA 13.

Mastery Certification for Fire Sprinklerfitting

The reorganization of NFPA 13 will greatly help if you are pursuing a career as someone who installs fire sprinkler systems. To earn a STAR Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery certification, you are required to become skilled and experienced in all aspects related to the installation of sprinkler systems.

The skills required to earn a mastery certification in Sprinklerfitting include servicing, repair, installation, safety, blueprint reading, planning and operations.

You can see why having NFPA 13 reorganized will make it much easier to study the required rules that are associated with installing fire sprinkler systems. Now, chapters and subjects that are covered are concise and clearly organized so that you can avoid reading the same material in different sections.

If you’re ready to get your STAR Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery certificate or need more information, contact us at 877-457-6482 or visit us online to find out more.

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