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Title 24 – Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician Certification Examination Request Form

*  Eligibility: To be eligible for certification the applicant must be a journey level worker who has achieved and possesses a current STAR HVACR Mastery Certification.
* In additionapplicants must have completed the following UA courses:
  • The Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician certification course instructed by an authorized provider under the 2019 California Energy Code of Regulations Title 24 Part 6.
  • GPRO – Green Professional Trades Training
  • Start, Test & Balance
  • Energy Auditing Practices
* The request form and completed application(s) must be submitted no later than three (3) weeks prior to the examination date.
* A minimum of 10 applicants is required for an examination. If there are less than 10 applicants, a processing fee of $150.00 (computed based) will be applied.
* It is the requesting entity’s responsibility to notify each applicant.
Please fill in the information below:

Have all applicants completed:
A minimum 40-hour training course Yes  No
GPRO Fundamentals & Mechanical Yes  No
Star Test & BalanceYes  No
Energy AuditorYes  No
Test Packets Will Not Be Sent To PO BOXES

Local Union Provides Proctor
Please print or type all the information (completely) for each applicant as you would like it to appear on their certification.
**Required Fields**

If you would like to include any additional documentation, you can upload a pdf file along with this application below by choosing to upload a file.