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Waste Not, Want Not

A proverb, such as the one above, provides the reader with quick, easily remembered tidbits suggesting how one could (or should) live their life. In this particular example, the presumption is that if you use and manage a given resource carefully enough, and can do so without squandering it, you will never be in need.

How To Become A Certified UA Energy Auditor

As such, this proverb could apply to energy auditors who become certified by the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA). These individuals undergo 40-80 hours of training, depending on prerequisite, to become qualified to survey a building’s energy use. The auditors then assess the results and develop a plan that will allow for the reduction of wasted energy and resources compared to current energy consumption levels. This results in a greener, more sustainable facility.

National ITC (NITC) participates with the UA by offering the testing and certification that is part of the requirement for individuals desiring to become Certified UA Energy Auditors.  The following two methods are offered to attain this credential:

  • Individuals who currently have the UA Green Systems Awareness Certification and the UA HVACR STAR Certification can participate in the UA Energy Audit course in a 40-hour instructional format.
  • Individuals who do not currently have the UA Green Systems Awareness Certification and the UA HVACR STAR Certification will be required to attend the UA Energy Audit course in a minimum 80-hour instructional format.

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