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Why Your Online Presence is Important for Your Plumbing Business

5 Tips Keep Your Plumbing Business Competitive

The explosive growth of online review sites has revolutionized the way in which consumers select service providers.  Unlike in the past, where members of the public simply relied on references from friends and family, anyone with an internet connection or a smart phone can now meticulously research potential service providers.  So NOW is a crucial time to ensure that the fine reputation you have worked so hard to build for your plumbing business remains intact.

Your online presence should reflect your skills and experience so that potential customers can learn about your business and services. Your own website and social media activity can help keep your business accessible so that you can continue to grow a successful reputation. Following are some important factors to consider when you create or beef up your plumbing business’ digital profile:

1: Make sure that your profiles and sites include that you have your plumbing license and that you are bonded and insured. Those are the bare minimum qualifications that every potential customer will want to know first when researching potential plumbers.

2: Consider obtaining a plumbing certification from NITC. Not only will it affirm your mastery of your craft, but it can also be a solid advertising point that sets you apart from others in your area.

3: Customer testimonials can really help bolster your online profile. When you complete projects, ask your customers of they would be willing to provide a brief testimonial for your website and/or social media page. Try to include testimonials from a variety of project types (i.e. emergency repairs, specialty jobs, large jobs, and commercial projects).

4: While pictures of plumbing projects are not the most exciting things, online searchers are still visually driven. Adding pictures to your site and social media will help draw potential customers in as they research.

5: If you do have bad reviews floating around the internet, consider consulting with a reputation management service who can help you gain a more positive online image.

As you grow your business, remember that NITC offers certifications for plumbing that help promote industry best practices. We want to help you thrive in this competitive environment by boosting your credentials. To learn more, contact us today at 877.457.6482!