Certifications Provided by NITC

National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC) is a third-party provider of certification services to the Piping Industry. 

NITC maintains a Quality Management System registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and offers personnel certifications that include but are not limited to Journey Level and Master Level, and assorted City, County and State Government requirements. NITC also specializes in Test Development and Test Administration. NITC tests and certifies personnel in the Medical Gas, Plumbing, Pipefitting, HVACR, Fire Protection & Safety Systems and related industries.

Purpose Of The Program

The NITC Personnel Certification Program is to advance the profession of certain crafts, inspectors and businesses in the construction industry by providing (a) a mechanism by which individuals can demonstrate their knowledge of model codes, standards, industry practices, and (b) a mechanism by which stake holders in the construction industry can readily assess a minimum level of competency for such categories.

NITC is non-discriminatory in accepting applications and issuing certifications to candidates in regards to membership in any trade association, union, etc., and NITC is in compliance with all Federal and State ADA regulations. Since NITC’s work is highly important to the construction industry as well as the public at large, NITC has devised processes to ensure that it practices impartiality, manages conflict of interest issues, and is objective in carrying out its certification activities.  For more information see NITC’s Rules and Procedures Manual.

Certifications Provided by NITC

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