Cal/OSHA Excavation Competent Person Examination

Applicants for this Examination must complete an eight (8) hour course.


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I do solemnly swear or affirm that the above statements are true. I further realize that falsification of these statements shall be cause for disqualification.

As a holder of a NITC Certification I shall agree to the following:

I will make no false claims about the scope of m y certification(s)
I will not engage in false or misleading advertising of my NITC Certification, nor shall I utilize an NITC certification in a ny manner that portrays NITC unfavorably.
I will not utilize any written documents, reports, procedures, e tc., with the NITC certification mark in any manner whatsoever that may be inaccurate or false.
I will notify NITC without delay of any changes in my capability to fulfill the requirements of this certification.

I understand that NITC reserves the right to su spend or revoke my certification should I violate these obligations. Should my certification be revoked, I agree to cease and desist any and all references to being the “holder” of an NITC Certification and shall return a ny certificates, including wal let s ized photo identification cards to NITC.

I understand and agree that my examination results may be shared with the course instructor, training coordinator or training entity.

By affixing my signature to this application , I agree to abide by the rule s and regulations of certification holders as set forth by the NITC Certification Committee.