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City of Kearney UPC Journey Level Plumber, Includes Gas

  • The initial cost for this certification is $150.00
  • Candidates must score a minimum of 75% to pass.
  • Candidates can re-take the exam if they fail for an additional $150.00 fee.
  • The City of Kearney does not require recertification or renewal of this certificate.
  • The City of Kearney does not require recertification or renewal of this certificate.


A Master Mechanical certification candidate is a qualified individual who can demonstrate mastery of the trade and will be skilled and experienced in management, planning, blueprint reading, and the practical installation, repair, and service of HVAC systems.

Installation repair and service of HVAC systems includes the design, construction, installation, alteration, repair, service and maintenance of all boilers, HVAC air handling systems, ductwork systems, refrigeration piping systems, process piping heating and cooling systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

A qualified Master Mechanic may perform these tasks alone, or through the supervision of other individuals.

To Qualify

  • Candidates must have a minimum of four (4) years experience in installation of piping systems. Completion of a recognized apprenticeship program or proof of four (4) years experience from employers is necessary.


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