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  • The initial cost for this certification is $136.00.
  • Candidates must score a minimum of 82% to pass.
  • Candidates can re-take the exam if they fail for an additional $136.00 fee.
  • This certification is valid for five (5) years from issuance.
  • Recertification can be accomplished by successfully passing a fifty (50) question, proctored multiple choice “open book” examinationUA textbook or HVACR manuals that are available through industry sources can serve as references for this examination. Candidates must answer forty (40) of the questions (80%) correctly on the examination to achieve a passing grade. Two (2) hours are allowed for the examination.  The recertification examination may be taken computer-based at any PSI testing location.

Effective July 1, 2020, STAR Mastery Examinations will only be administered by computer.


A STAR HVACR Mastery certification candidate is a qualified individual who can demonstrate mastery of the trade and will be skilled and experienced in operations, planning, blueprint reading, safety, and the practical installation, repair, and service of HVACR systems.

Installation, repair, and service of HVACR systems includes the design, construction, installation, alteration(retrofit), repair, service and maintenance of all boilers, HVAC air handling systems, ductwork systems, refrigeration piping systems, process piping heating and cooling systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

A qualified Master Mechanic may perform these tasks alone, or through the supervision of other individuals.

It is expected that the STAR HVACR Mastery examination candidate is a technician who has completed a UA training program or equivalent, and/or has five years of experience in the industry.

To Qualify

  • Candidates must provide five (5) years of documented work experience installing and servicing HVACR equipment and piping systems, or provide documentation of being in the fifth (5th) year of a HVACR training program involving the installation and servicing of HVACR equipment and piping systems.


Application and Examination Request Forms


Locate PSI Centers

To find the nearest PSI location follow steps 1 – 5:
1. Click on the link: Nearest PSI Location
2. On the Select Organization drop down select Certification/Professional Associations
3. On the Select Sponsor Name drop down select National Inspection, Testing and Certification Corporation ( NITC)
4. On Select the Examination Name, Select the exam you are interested in taking, the click on continue at the bottom of the page.
5. Next enter you zip code and search for the nearest location.
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