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Go Green with A Star

In an era of energy construction, the maintenance of new and existing buildings both should be done with energy conservation principles and practices at the fore

Some 12 years ago the Mechanical Service Contractors of America founded the GreenSTAR program to foster and ensure that sound energy conservation would be practiced in all aspects of building maintenance

Setting standards, educating members, and providing rigorous third party testing and certification, the GreenSTAR program has established and identified contractors who are experts in energy solutions which reduce energy consumption in safe and sustainable ways. Their background allows them to propose innovations with measurable payback timelines to identify specific cost savings environmentally friendly building maintenance systems changes. Contractors who are certified under this program are staffed with technicians who have finished a five year training program and demonstrated their knowledge on a broad based examination. The contractor is expert in retro-commissioning, retrofits, energy audits and building operations. LEED specialists with the EPA Energy Star Network membership add to the contractor’s expertise in energy savings services and products. This expertise and skill is brought to bear on all aspects of the building operation to provide consistent energy smart attention. The contractor has safety training programs in place and can demonstrate a strong record of safe operations for workers and building occupants. Beyond expertise, training, energy saving focus and ongoing attention, member contractors ensure that customers, that is the building occupants and owners, are satisfied with all the services rendered

Certification as a GreenSTAR mechanical services contractor makes a difference and can bring better outcomes, lower costs and increased confidence in your choice.