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How To Prepare For Your Master Plumbing License

What to Expect for the STAR Plumbing Mastery Certification Exam

What to Expect for the STAR Plumbing Mastery Certification Exam

Several short years ago, you were sitting in front of your laptop Googling “plumbing license requirements.” You were unsure of your next steps, but you had a feeling that plumbing could be a good fit. After all, your friends called you before they reached for the Drano Max Gel. And when they started buying homes and renovating them, they consulted with you on their bathroom makeovers.

There was a lot to learn, an almost-overwhelming amount, but the more you absorbed, the more you realized that a lot of it came naturally to you—installing water systems, maintaining storm drains, designing fuel gas systems, keeping on top of all the various codes. And just that fast, you were studying for your journeyman plumbing license.

With each certification came new responsibility. As a journeyman, you were now overseeing projects, which were also beginning to increase in size and scope. And now, confident in your ability and a proven reputation in the field, you’re prepping for the STAR Plumbing Mastery Certification exam. Passing it would be the culmination of years of diligent study and a constantly challenging apprenticeship.

The NITC STAR Mastery Certification program is nationally recognized.

The subject-matter experts who helped develop our certifications have thousands of hours of field experience. As a STAR Master Plumber, you’ll find yourself in high-demand in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries.

But first, the test. Actually, first the application. Complete it in advance and return it to the NITC office. Aside from verifying your eligibility, it details a code of conduct that all STAR Master Plumbers must be able to abide by. Then, arrange to take the exam with your local UA training coordinator. (Or, to find the nearest PSI Center that administers the computer-based exam, click here.)

The test will cover questions dealing with piping and tubing; inspection and testing; plumbing fixture; water supply and distributing; drainage, waste and venting systems; pumps; welding; gas; safety; related science and code; blueprint reading; and mathematics and measurement.

If you take the computer-based exam, you’ll get your results at the end. (As long as your fees are paid in full.) For NITC-proctored, paper-and-pencil exams, results will be sent within 30 days to the training entity or your UA training coordinator. Considering the rapidity of your ascent, it’s a lengthy wait. But, this’ll be the last test you take for a while. You won’t be due for recertification for another five years.