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NITC Attends ASSE International Mid-Year Meeting in Illinois

We were proud to have Dana Colombo and Jaime Valdivia represent NITC at the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) International Mid-Year Meeting at ASSE’s offices in Mokena Illinois April 10th and 11th.  Jaime is Regional Director for Region #1, West, and Dana chairs the Professional Qualifications Technical Committee and the Executive Committee as well as others.  Both Jaime and Dana serve on various other ASSE committees*.


Valdivia, Jaime (ASSE/NITC Liaison)
Valdivia, Jaime (Board of Directors)
Valdivia, Jaime (Budget and Finance)
Valdivia, Jaime (EJ Zimmer Technical Seminar Technical)
Valdivia, Jaime (Professional Qualifications Standards)
Valdivia, Jaime (Public Relations)
Valdivia, Jaime (Regional Directors)
Valdivia, Jaime (Seal Control Board)


Colombo, Dana (ASSE/NITC Liaison, Chair)
Colombo, Dana (Board of Directors, Chair)
Colombo, Dana (Budget and Finance)
Colombo, Dana (EJ Zimmer Technical Seminar – Floor)
Colombo, Dana (Elections)
Colombo, Dana (Executive, Chair)
Colombo, Dana (Hospital Systems and Medical Gas Advisory, Chair)
Colombo, Dana (Legal, Chair)
Colombo, Dana (PQ Technical, Chair)
Colombo, Dana (Professional Qualifications Standards)
Colombo, Dana (Research)
Colombo, Dana (SCB Executive Management)

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