Braze Performance Test

Braze Performance Test

March 1, 2023 / 5 mins read

The National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC) is an unbiased source for certification services to a wide range of businesses. NITC offers tests, certifications, and recertifications of workers in Fire Protection & Safety Systems, HVACR Medical Gas, Pipefitting, Plumbing, and associated industries. This article provides specific details for the Braze Performance Test.

The Braze was designed to serve as a baseline measure of the Brazer’s ability to produce sound joints when testing on 7/8” diameter tubing. The NITC Braze Test will qualify Brazer Performance On 1/8” to 1-1/8” Cu to Cu, TYPE ACR TUBING.

Benefits of Braze Certification
The Benefits of Braze Certification are detailed in the NITC Braze Certification brochure at They include:

  • Improved Leak Failure Rate.
  • Stronger Joint Integrity.
  • Improved Joint Appearance.
  • Code Compliance.
  • Improved Safety Through Awareness.
  • Decrease in Warranty Claims.
  • Establishes a minimum standard within the company.
  • Certification provides a benefit to your customers and your employees.
  • Increased Employment Opportunities.

To Qualify for Braze Certification
To qualify for the NITC ASME IX R78 HVACR Braze Certification, the candidate must follow the instructions detailed in the NITC R78 Braze Test Specification and successfully pass the practical braze test. The Braze Test Specifications and submission form can be found online at

The fee for the braze test is $75 and is valid for six months from the test date. For a limited time, NITC will be waiving all adoption fees for the 18-R78 Qualified Braze Procedure Specification to Manufacturers, Contractors, and Training Entities*, to be used in conjunction with the R78 Braze Certification. Please contact the NITC Southern Regional Office for additional information by phone at 888-234-6834 or email at

The Survival of the initial and additional braze qualifications are sustained by a Continuity Form for the Brazer. The fee, as noted on the continuity form is $50. Braze qualifications remain in effect indefinitely; however, a lapse in continuity will require re-qualification. Only an authorized representative of an employer or contractor can provide proof that the brazer has used the brazing process within a six (6) month period. The continuity form can be downloaded from the NITC website at

Qualification renewal is required when a brazer or brazing operator has not used the specific brazing process for 6 months or more, or when there is a specific reason to question the ability to make brazes that meet the specification. Braze certification will be extended six months from the date of the re-qualification test with the submission of one (1) Vertical Upflow joint following the R78 Braze Test Specification.

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