Understanding Exam Challenges and Appeals Procedures with NITC

Understanding Exam Challenges and Appeals Procedures with NITC

July 5, 2023 / 5 mins read

The National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC) provides clear guidelines for challenging exams and the subsequent appeals process. Below outlines the procedure to challenge a NITC exam and shed light on the appeals process.

Exam Challenges:

If an examinee wishes to challenge a single question or an entire examination administered by NITC, they can do so by following these guidelines:

  1. File a Challenge: The challenge must be submitted in writing and received by NITC via U.S. mail, facsimile, or email within 30 days of receiving the examination score. The challenge should be sent to the designated address or fax number provided by NITC.
  2. Complete the Challenge Form: At the end of each examination, NITC provides a challenge form to the examinee. The examinee can use this form to file a challenge immediately or submit a separate and complete statement detailing the grounds for the challenge.
  3. Consideration and Notification: NITC certification staff will review the challenge and conduct an investigation hearing. If no action is taken by the certification staff within 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the challenge, or the date of the postmark on the challenge (whichever is earlier), the challenge shall be considered denied. If the challenge is granted, the examinee will receive written notification within the specified 30-day period.

Appeals Procedures:

If an examinee's challenge is denied by the certification staff, they have the option to appeal to the Certification Scheme Committee. The appeals procedure is as follows:

  1. File an Appeal: The appeal must be submitted in the proper format and within 30 days from the date the challenge is denied.
  2. Format and Grounds: The appeal to the Certification Scheme Committee should be in the same written format and based on the same grounds as the initial challenge filed with the certification staff.
  3. Hearing: If the examinee requests a hearing before the Certification Scheme Committee, the committee will schedule a hearing within 60 days to nine months from the date of the appeal. During the hearing, the examinee will have the opportunity to present documentary or oral evidence at their own expense.
  4. Further Appeal: If the appeal to the Certification Scheme Committee is rejected, the examinee can then appeal the decision to the NITC Board of Directors. The Board will appoint a Hearing Officer to hear the appeal. The appeal to the Board of Directors will primarily review the findings and written decision reached by the Certification Scheme Committee. However, upon the examinee's request, the Board may consider new evidence not presented before the Certification Scheme Committee.

NITC provides comprehensive information on securing and maintaining certifications, as well as details about recertification, exam challenges, and appeals procedures. To learn more about NITC's testing programs, visit their official website at https://nationalitc.com/.