Upcoming NITC Certification Exams

Upcoming NITC Certification Exams

June 5, 2024 / 5 mins read

The National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC) develops, manages, and administers Certification and Testing Programs for the Medical Gas, Plumbing, Pipefitting, HVACR, Fire Protection & Safety Systems and related industries.

Available Certifications

Medical Gas Certifications

Medical Gas Certifications comprising systems Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Verification include:

ASSE 6005 Medical Gas Generalist

ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer

ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Inspector

ASSE 6030 Medical Gas Verifier

ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance Personnel

ASSE 6050 Medical Gas Instructor

ASSE 6060 Medical Gas Systems Designer

To learn more about requirements, testing, costs, and certification duration visit https://nationalitc.com/Medical-Gas-Certifications.

Star Certifications

Star Certifications are offered in Refrigeration, Fire Sprinkler Fitting, HVAC, Steam/Pipe Fitting, and Plumbing including:

Commercial Refrigeration Mastery

Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery

HVACR Mastery

Steamfitting-Pipefitting Mastery

Plumbing Mastery

Residential-Light Commercial HVAC Mastery

Residential-Light Commercial Service Technician

Details are available online at https://nationalitc.com/STAR-Certifications.

NITC Journey Level Certifications

Journey Certifications consist of Journey Level HVAC. Journey Level Plumber, and Journey Level Steamfitter/Pipefitter.

Details can be located at https://nationalitc.com/NITC-Journey-Level-Certifications.

Medical Gas Brazing Process Performance Tests

NITC has now qualified additional Practical Braze Tests to cover the full range of copper tube sizes used in the installation of Medical Gas Systems as required by the latest editions of the NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code and ASME Section IX Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The additional

NITC Medical Gas Braze Tests listed below may be used for the Performance Qualification Testing of Medical Gas Brazers:

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS34; 3/4″ Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS15; 1 1/2″ Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS2; 2″ Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS4; 4″ Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS6; 6″ Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS8; 8″ Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS4SEXT; 4″ SEXT Braze Performance Test

NITC Brazer Test Number BTS6SEXT; 6″ SEXT Braze Performance Test

Detailed information is provided at https://nationalitc.com/Medical-Gas-Brazing-Processes.

HVACR Braze Certification

With today’s new alternative refrigerants operating at high pressures, it is essential to ensure a leak-free system by installing properly prepared, quality brazed joints. The Braze Performance tests are designed to ensure this occurs. The available tests are:

R78 Braze Performance Test

R218 Braze Performance Test Package

R418 Braze Performance Test Package

The benefits of certification include an improved leak failure rate, stronger joint integrity, improved joint appearance, a decrease in warranty claims, and increased opportunities for your employees.

Complete details can be found at https://nationalitc.com/HVACR-Brazing-Processes.

City/State Certifications