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The Benefits of NITC Services

NITC provides a tool-kit of highly specialized inspection, testing, and certification services which provide business, economic, and societal benefits to the industries and communities they serve. NITC services help to coordinate and certify technical expertise and knowledge, making the piping, plumbing, and HVACR industries more efficient and safe. When standardized, ubiquitous protocols and work guidelines are used in these trades, society is gifted with better infrastructure, and a safer, more competent labor force. NITC services help businesses serve their clients with the best of breed employees, processes, and tools in their respective industries.

NITC Benefits For Business

  • Cost Savings

    NITC Certification and Testing services allow businesses cost-savings over time, as better training and improved/streamlined processes translate to a bigger bottom line. Jobs are completed correctly and within protocol, leading to faster, more efficient turnaround on projects.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    NITC services help improve the quality of the labor force in the piping , plumbing, and HVACR trades, which enhances customer satisfaction, leading to higher frequency in repeat business, and an increase in new business as well. When jobs are done correctly the first time around, customer bases are more likely to re-hire and continue their business relationships with NITC certified service professionals.
  • Competitive Edge in the Bid Process

    NITC services allow individuals and organizations to penetrate new job markets by increasing the levels of expertise in their workforce. Furthermore, NITC services facilitate increased productivity within organizations, which leads to a higher competitive advantage in their respective industries. NITC services allow professionals to substantially expand their knowledge base and service offerings as well, increasing their competitive viability in the bid process.
  • Access to New Markets

    In 38 states across the country, tradespersons must hold an ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer credential in order to handle, install, and test critical life support systems in hospitals and healthcare environments.  NITC is the leader in providing this and other professional certifications. Contractors whose employees are without this type of credential are likely to be less competitive when bidding on high level projects, thus limiting their access to these lucrative large scale projects.
  • Continued Professional Development

    NITC services allow professionals in the piping, plumbing, and HVACR industries to remain at the cutting edge of their respective trades by maintaining a consistent educational and training environment where new techniques, technologies, and trade protocols are continually set as industry standards. Holding credentials for these standards, professionals are able to remain at the forefront of their respective industries.
  • Better Hiring Environment

    Plumbing, Piping, and HVACR companies are always looking to expand their workforce with individuals who have the experience and professional expertise to get the job done correctly. NITC acts as an objective third party which provides certification credentials that establish expertise for individuals. This leads to a much slower revolving door for organizations, and the cultivation of a highly trained and competent workforce.

NITC Benefits For Society

  • Higher Quality Public and Private Infrastructure

    NITC services are intended to insure that individuals performing work in the piping trades are up to date with the latest codes and standards in their respective industries. When professionals are at the cutting edge, it is reflected in their work when installing systems that were designed to provide safety and protection for society in the plumbing and mechanical systems industries.
  • Environmental Sustainability

    NITC services are environmentally conscious in that they account for the ecological impact of the work performed by professionals in the piping, plumbing, and mechanical systems industries. NITC sustains strict environmental protocols that ensure the long-term viability of the ecosystems that are impacted by the work done in the Piping, Plumbing, and HVACR industries. NITC services allow individuals and organizations to deploy ecologically conscious services, which helps to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. There is immediate impact in the job protocols on every project, and long-term impact in terms of materials and process sustainability.
  • Expert Opinion

    NITC testing and certification materials and services are developed and deployed by industry veterans and leading domain experts. By integrating NITC based protocols into their workforce and subsequently their communities, local governments and municipalities are able to provide better, safer, and much more sustainable infrastructure for their constituents.