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You Can’t Rush Greatness

Despite what you see or hear from those around you, the truth of the matter is you can’t rush greatness. James Marshall Hendrix didn’t become the Jimi Hendrix we remember today a mere 10 minutes after picking up a guitar for the first time. You actually can’t rush anything and expect a modicum of quality or competence to result. The same holds true for professionals seeking to become certified in the trades.


The journey begins as registered apprentices. These individuals endure the rigor of hundreds of classroom instruction hours and thousands of on-the-job training hours. Once an apprentice completes the required course of study, that individual is considered a journeyman, someone who is fully educated in their trade or craft but are not yet considered masters. After spending some time as a journeyman, that individual has the option to take the Master’s exam.

Understandably, the road from apprentice to master is difficult by design. The amount of training, preparation, and certification these individuals are required to endure is there to ensure that only the best earn the right to be called a master. As these hard-working men and women progress along the way, National ITC (NITC) is there to help test and certify them. NITC proudly offers STAR Mastery Certification examinations within the trade areas listed below:

  • STAR HVACR Mastery
  • STAR Plumbing Mastery
  • STAR Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery
  • STAR Steamfitting-Pipefitting Mastery
  • STAR Commercial Refrigeration Mastery
  • STAR Residential-Light Commercial HVAC Mastery

Whether you’re a training director, association representative, employer representative, or an individual applicant, NITC is there to help you along the way. Contact NITC at (877) 457-6482 to learn more about their wide range of industry certifications, products that help prepare the best, most reliable, and safest trade professionals possible.  NITC is always at work helping you exceed customer expectations.  Have your personnel certified with the certification company, National ITC, today!